Do you yourself believe in ghosts?

It’s hard to totally rule anything out, as Greta Albert would say, but I’ve never met one myself. Which is fortunate, because I wouldn’t do well with a supernatural encounter of any kind. My reactions to unexpected bugs are bad enough. 

Will Aldo, Jasper, and Pen ever stop arguing so much?

No. Those three will be arguing until their last breath and probably as ghosts too. Arguing is their love language, no matter how gag-inducing that idea is to them. And the fact that they would all hate the idea of a love language goes to show you that they do agree on the big stuff…. Read more »

Did Pen get extra credit for the index?

He received only a half point of extra credit. This is mainly because it is a major part of the indexer’s job to supply the page numbers in an index, which he failed to do. 

Did Pen, Jasper, and Aldo get an A+ on their summer journal?

They did not. Ms. Pilcrow is a tough grader. They were marked down for “excessive reliance on insulting adjectives” and “excessive on-page arguing.” There was also a mandatory markdown for going over the page limit (by a lot). But they got an A-, which they aren’t going to argue with.