If you could give advice to your seventh-grade self, what would you say?

First, I would caution her against that haircut. She knows the one I’m talking about. At least until she has better control over her blow-dryer. 

Second, I would advise against the shirt with the little lambs and the words “Lambie-Pie” printed all over it. I would tell her that Karen K. is going to call her Lambie-Pie well into high school, and cute as she might think that shirt is, it isn’t worth the aggravation. 

Third, I would tell her that her cool, confident classmates are way less cool and confident than they appear. Everyone is a swirling mass of insecurities and self-doubt in seventh grade; they just have different ways of showing it. And some are better than others at not showing it. So she should stop worrying about the opinions of people she will literally never see again after high school and concentrate on her blow-dryer skills. Also on math. 

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